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  1. Is it only me who is outraged at the unethical and malicious attitude of these doctors. If this is normal practice then somethings missing in the hippocratic oath!We just published a story on our blog about another way c-sections can be reduced – by having dedicated labor support from doulas – 28% less likelihood! It seems a combination of all these strategies would have significant impact.

  2. Hyvä kolmuni. Jäi ihmetyttään tuosta ottelusarjasta se, kun Tamminen vaahtosi vielä seitsemännen pelin jälkeen Ässien kotiedusta, Sporthan voitti kaksi ottelua porissa.Parempi tunnustaa tappionsa, varsinkin kun Ässät oli viimeisessä pelissä selvästi parempi. Mitä jos haastattelija olisi lukenut Tammiselle hänen omaa kirjaansa pelin jälkeen.Juu mutta kaikki kunnia Sportin pelaajille, kolme voittoa saivat.

  3. Thank you Lainey.. It really is a great looking country. I was going to tear the twins apart but I would have then had to do the same with Texas and we haven’t seen this whole thing play out. Suffice it to say that twinnies put themselves firmly in the dislike camp for me and Texas took their first step. I don’t justify what either did just because I like Texas and don’t like the twins, I’m just taking a wait and see attitude with it for now.

  4. Jag har en bok med stickbeskrivningar till litterära tröjor, och där finns den tröjan med. SÃ¥ är du lite händig … Ylle & bläck heter boken, författaren Cecilia B Dackenberg. Men det kände du säkert redan till.

  5. Nem is tudtam, hogy fodros kelbÅ‘l van ilyen szép lila is – nagyon jól néz ki, s úgy látom a levesnek is jó színt adott ;) Gesztenyével párosítani pedig kimondottan jó ötlet!

  6. that because the law was now under scrutiny, “the time has not yet come to examine the petitioners’ arguments themselves.” ”The above quote is from an article in Ha’retz today. Obviously no recordings are made so there is no evidence of the guilt of “the most moral security force in the world”.

  7. – Not really sure how I got to your blog… but I LOVE your work. Nicky was def a CUTE subject, but you have certainly got talent. I love all the pics, but my favorite is the last one, he looks so small compared to that big tree, and it is just a breathtaking shot. Can I place a link on my page to yours? If I don’t put a link there, I usually forget to come back to look, and I would love to keep watching your blog! Thanks. Melissa

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